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Power Talk$ 2

So it's been almost 2 weeks since I released my brand 'Power', and I've been completely blown away by the support I received. This brand is meant to bring people together and make them feel empowered in their life. Many people ask me what that means and I touch on it in my first Power Talks Blog, but I think the message could be clarified further.

All our lives, whether through the education system, the company you work for, or even your own family and friends, we're always given false hope or sold this "American Dream" which ends up being a scam in the end. My vision with Power is to not sell a message or a shirt. Its purpose is to inspire or motivate the next person to fulfill their potential. You as the viewer can decide how you're going to react and move after you discover Power.

My goal is to show you what this brand is about IN REAL LIFE. I was taught to let actions speak louder than words. My mission is to get you started. My mission is to create that comeback story. My mission is to make you better.

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